Where to use SMH?

Once you will be clear with the SMH concept then you must also be aware of smh meaning text, it is essential for you to know about where to use it. Anyone can make a use of SMH freely when it is required. People usually know that SMH is used only on the social media and on the internet. But, there are other uses also which we will discuss and know What does this mean in texting.

Where to use SMH

Use of smh txt

SMH is used while texting messages. It is important to know what does mean in texting before using. It became possible for the people with the Steve jobs to enjoy the iPhone services. This particular smartphone makes it possible for people to chat with each other easily. Nowadays, people are widely using iPhone, especially younger people. With the help of these smartphones, it is possible to chat with another person anywhere around the world. If people don’t want to talk to each other face to face then it is the best option for them, to chat with each other and express feelings by texting messages. For conveying your messages in a better way and expressing your feelings properly while texting, different abbreviations are used such as SMH which stands for “shake my head”. It is important for you to know what does smh mean when texting so that you can keep in touch with the changing trend of online slangs.

What does smh mean on Facebook

SMH is also used while chatting on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook in the year of 2004. When he created Facebook he doesn’t have any idea that it can bring so much joy to the users. Nowadays there are large numbers of people who are using Facebook and using smh Facebook chat service. With the help of Facebook, you can easily share anything which you want to share by adding posts on your timeline. You can also like or dislike and also comment on the posts which are posted by other people available in your friend list.

SMH on Facebook

What does smh mean on twitter

Before using SMH while texting message on twitter. It is important for you to know SMH mean in texting. On twitter, you can post anything which you want to share such as pets, traveling, babies, food, and almost everything. Everyone can share their feeling such as anger, sadness, happiness which they want to convey by messaging. It is very common for the users on twitter to share their feeling by making use of different abbreviations such as SMH means in a texting.


When you will exactly come to know about what does smh mean when texting SMH then, you can freely use SMH where you want to use. It is also helpful in increasing the entertainment level while chatting. Making use of abbreviations while chatting will also help you to become popular among your friends.