SMH in the acronym finder

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SMH in the acronym finder

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The database was originated in the year of 1997 by Mike Molloy but Acronym founder began working with a database from 1985. It is nowadays published by Mountain data System LLC.

SMH in acronym finder

SMH has various different meaning in the acronym finder. SMH is not generally used to signify disapproval. It is widely used to show disbelief, despair or disapproval. There are various different examples of SMH which will make it easier for you to understand.

Acronym for smh

SMH is used for various different purposes and generally used to show disagreement. It is used while chatting and has similar meaning like shaking head and showing dissatisfaction or discontent while face to face conversation. Young people use these abbreviations widely. SMH is completely different from other acronyms; it is used to show action rather than feeling. It is important to note that while texting it is not used with other words. It is used independently. People are using this acronym from many years and SMH is one of the most popular acronyms on different social networking sites. SMH is also used to show awe, dismay or pity.

Examples of SHM

Few examples, where SMH is used are

“Another problem occurred in the middle east region. SMH”

“Have not received salary from February, and now I am going out of my mind… SMHL”