SMH emoticons used on Facebook

There are around 21 shaking my head emoticon used on Facebook. As you know, from last few years there is increase in number of users who make use of different social networking sites on internet for communicating with each other such as Facebook.

There are different shaking my head smiley available on Facebook which will help you to express your feelings easily and quickly. These shaking head emoticons are available with different facial expressions which are helpful in expressing what you are actually feeling. These emoticons are available with small pictures which perfectly defines your feelings while chatting.

There are different shaking head smiles available with different meaning of emoticons used such:

SMH gif 2

Sad shaking head emoticon is used to show sad feeling for example, when you fail in the examination.

SMH gif 1

Shaking head and showing finger emoticon is usually used to angrily stop someone to do something.

SMH gif 3

Example of Shaking head emoticon is when you don’t want to go anywhere

SMH gif 4

Avatar emoticon is used when you refuse someone’s invitation.

SMH gif 5

Shaking head while saying no emoticon is used for showing disagreement or disapproval .

SMH gif 6

It is a cool shaking head emoticon.

SMH gif 7

A doubtful shaking head emoticon is generally used when you don’t believe on other.

SMH gif 15

Shaking head smiley is used when you want to say no to someone very politely

SMH gif 8

A girl shaking emoticon used by girls to say no.

SMH gif 9

Cat shaking emoticon is usually used by children’s or girls.

SMH gif 10

It is a mad shaking emoticon used when you are mad at something.

SMH gif 11

It is a chimpanzee shaking head emoticon used to show disappointment feeling.

SMH gif 12

Old man shaking emoticon is used when you got surprised and don’t believe what is happening.

SMH gif 13

Baby shaking head emoticon is usually used by children.

SMH gif 14

Einstein shaking emoticon is used to show intellectual and serious expression.

SMH gif 19

Star shaking head emoticon looks adorable but a little masculine.

SMH gif 16

Shaking head with ultra high frequency emoticon is use to represent strong no.

SMH gif 18

Shaking head emoticon use to show no way expression.

SMH gif 17

Shaking head emoticon is used to show “no no, not me”.

SMH gif 21

Shaking head emoticon with eyes closed shows sad expression.

SMH gif 20

Shaking head emoticon with sad face is used to show sadness.