Shaking My Head: Reacting GIF Cllection


This shake my head gif reaction was captured from the comedy movie Encino Man released in the year of 1992. In this particular scene GIF, Dave wave to his crush Robyn and Matt quickly came in front of Robyn and shake his head which shows disapproval or rejection sign.


There is another example of shake my head used by Dean. He might be shaking his head because someone asked him how difficult it is to shoot.

SMH Meaning - What does SMH mean

He is shaking head while laughing.

SMH - Old Man

He is shaking head in a slow motion as if they missed someone.


He is shaking his head with frightened expression as if he is threatened by a ghost.


The girl with smiling face is shaking her head as if she is refusing a Date.


The cheerleader is shaking her head as she is saying no to a party invitation.


Gandalf is shaking his head as if he is saying, “It’s too difficult to decide”.


This lady is shaking her head very politely which make her look cool.