Shaking My Head Pictures & Emoticons

Long years ago, when the telecommunication was not used by the most of the people. And the people that are located at the different locations used to communicate with each other via writing letters that would arrive at them after a week or a few days.SMH 5-2












Today only a few people are keen to contact with the other people by writing letters, many really want to make the use of computers, cellphones and many other means of communication. Amongst all these devices, computers, and smartphones are the most popular as they allow the people to download all types of chatting apps such as facebook, WhatsApp, MNS, and Twitter.

With all these chatting software, people are able to chat with other people more dedicated as there is lots of shaking my head gif images and emoticons that are quite helpful in order to demonstrate your feelings while you do not want to talk. Now, let us check out some Shaking my head GIF images and emoticons.

Ultimate Shaking my Head Emoticons

 SMH gif 21

SMH gif 20

SMH gif 19

SMH gif 18

SMH gif 17

SMH gif 16

SMH gif 15

SMH gif 14 

Shaking my head emoticons are your reactions:

  • When your roommate wonders, if you have stolen her some snacks while she was not in the room;
  • When your husband ask you “would you like some pizza” while you are on diet;
  • When your father asks you to go for shopping with him and you just want to stay at home watching TV.
  • When your grandpa counsel you to put on his dress while you are going to participate in the prom. Shake my head
  • When your teacher asks whether you know the answer of her question, in the class.

Shake my Head GIF Images

SMH 5-3

The reaction of Martin Freeman advise that you have chance to make use of this shake my head gif image in order to display frustration when anyone’s father broke his promise that he would take you to Switzerland on vacation.

SMH 5-1

Shaking my head gif image showing the the reaction when someone is asked whether he has a crush on a girl while you are really a gay.

SMH 5-4

This image can be used to show your reaction when a girl ask you to make a guess of her age.


Shaking my head gif image of Taylor Swift, you can make use of this when a noy that has chased you for a few days asks you to go somewhere with him, while you do not have feeling for him.



Reaction of Jensen Ackles, can be used when any stranger ask you whether she can go into your house for some rest.