NetLingo List of Text Shorthand and Chat Acronyms

Acronyms are widely used on the internet; it is the most important part of internet. Using acronyms like netlingo list of text shorthand and Chat acronyms while having conversation with each other, is now quite easy.

There is a difference between shorthand and acronyms, both of them are not same. Mostly people named shorthand as acronym, but it is wrong. By making use of acronym, you can pronounce new letter as a new word such as you can pronounce ‘RADAR’ as ‘ray-dar’ and ‘FUBAR’ as ‘foo-bar’. Shorthand pronunciation is similar to initialism in which you spell the letter one-by-one such as ‘ESP’ is an abbreviation for especially whereas ‘ESP’ as initialism for ‘extra sensory perception’.

These acronyms such as initialism, abbreviations and shorthand’s are widely used by teenagers and other people on the internet. Let’s check out daily life smh what type of shorthand’s and acronyms are used by people.

SMH-How to use SMH in our daily life

Abbreviations used on Facebook

Facebook was launched in the year of 2004. Nowadays, it became the most popular social networking site on the internet which is widely used by large numbers of people. While chatting on Facebook with your friends, you may have noticed that sometimes you don’t have time to have full sentences and words to say everything. Slangs and abbreviations on the internet make it possible to send your message by using few words which take very less time.

Some of the examples are

  • FBO- Facebook official
  • FBC- Facebook chat
  • FBF- Facebook best friend
  • FB- Facebook

All these above mentioned abbreviations are used on Facebook only, these abbreviations are not used somewhere else.

When you are happy

By making use of slang words, while chatting with your friends you can easily express your expressions gently and quickly.

Some of the examples of smh daily life are

  • HAND- have a nice day
  • SD-sweet dreams
  • GN- good night
  • LOL- laughing out loud
  • FYEO- for your eyes only
  • ROFL- rolling on floor laughing

When you are sad

When you are sad or had an argument with someone and want to express your feeling of sadness. To get rid of someone who is irritating you, you can make use of these abbreviations

  • IDC- I don’t care
  • LMA- leave me alone
  • GAL- get a life

Acronyms used by teenagers

There are abbreviations used by kids to hide their conversation from adults such as

  • Warez- when talking about illegal pirated software
  • ASL- age, sex, location
  • NIFOC- naked in front of computer
  • PIR- parent in room
  • GNOC- get naked on cameras
  • P911- parent emergency
  • PAW- parents are watching

Other widely used acronyms

  • BTW- by the way
  • BRB- be right back
  • JK- just kidding
  • GTG- got to go
  • TTYL- talk to you later
  • TY- than you

All these mentioned acronyms will really help you for easy and fast conversation with your family and friends. In case if you want to talk with your friend privately then by using acronyms, you can talk with your friends very easily.

Different ways to make use of SMH in daily life

A fair lady's shaking head gently


Slangs used on internet changes very quickly. There are different slangs used by people daily. You can make use of SMH while having conversation with each other in real life as well as on internet.

SMH usually stands for “shake my head”. SMH also have other meanings such as “so much late” or “stupid minded humans”. The best way to know exact meaning of SMH is to understand its definition.

According to urban dictionary meaning of SMH is when someone finds something so stupid. SMH is the base form; it was to SMDH (shaking my dam head) and SMFH for (shaking my fuking head).

Generally SMH is used while having conversation on the internet. There are few examples with pictures which will help you to understand when to use SMH in real.

There are different examples which will really help you to understand when to use SMH

  1. When you find something illegal or foolish on social media
  2. When you have done something stupid
  3. In jest when your relatives or friends do something foolish.