Meaning of SMH

Do you know the meaning of SMH? No, then don’t worry, here we are providing you with its mean according to the urban dictionary:

SMH is basically an acronym for the “shaking my head” or “shake my head” used when anyone find something so stupid and no words can do the justice. Occasionally, it is modified to ‘smmfh’ or’smfh’.

How to make use of SMH

This is very important to know that how to use this. When you forget to turn on the wifi and recognize that you have been using your data the entire this time, then you shake your head and say “oh my god”. Or when you asked your boyfriend if he wanted anything more to eat and he just shake his head. Well, there are no words that can do the justice. Here, we are showing some smh gif images of celebrities in order to obtain better understanding regarding the meaning of shake my head.

SMH GIF - How to make use of SMH - Kim-Kardashian

Kim Kardashian ‘smh gif’ shaking her head along with a really amazing look on her face. It seems as she is saying that “i don’t like this”, make her so nice style that everyone just want to do anything in order to make her please.

SMH GIF - How to make use of SMH -2

This is smh gif of Kanye West i.e. , shaking his head with his eyes more open as he is astonished about something that he cannot believe this is true.

SMH GIF - How to make use of SMH -3

One more smh gif of Kanye West shaking his head and having a strange look on his face. This appears that he has observed somebody’s trick and informs him with his eyes, that do not you urge catch my nerves. Occasionally, in case you remain looking images of shaking his head then this may help you to fall sleep as the great loops of his movements can make you get sleep simply.

SMH GIF - How to make use of SMH -4

A gif of a celebrity named Ashley Wagner calling bullshit moment after getting a score of 53.05 in a very little program of the ladies team competition that positioned her in fourth after Mao Asada i.e. a Japanese skater who fell during her practice. She won a bronze medal in the 2014 winter Olympics.MH GIF - How to make use of SMH -6

Smh gif” of Nathon Fillion “shaking his head” and having a very serious appearance on his face. This appears that he just got a little bit angry and shaking his head in order to display his anger. He is a famous Canadian actor.