How to use SMH

If you want to understand the real meaning of acronym SMH, but don’t want to read lengthy and boring articles. Or you think this is not so clear after reading the articles that are aimed at describing its meaning.

You should really go through this article, here we are providing you with what SMH mean along with some typical examples that will tell what does SMH mean and when and how use this. After getting completer understanding on SMH, you should also know the meaning of ‘SMDH’, an acronym for “Shaking my damn head”, which you see mostly typed in the text messages or on blogs to state disgust, disappointment and disgust etc.

shaking head despairingly

When SMH is used to express Disappointment

Chris: hey, Bob. Have you sent the mail to Mr. Tom.

Bob: OH, I am so sorry it just slipped out of my time due to the amount of work I had to do.

Chris: But how could you do this, you knew it was urgent.

Bob: I am really sorry and I will not do it next time.

Chris: Ohh please. You always say this. Smh!

SMH -the situations of using SMH

 When SMH is used to express Dissatisfaction and annoyance

If your baby gets ill and you need to take him to the hospital very fast but when you see a lot of people present in front of the hospital, you get dumbstruck and you shake your head.

And when you are standing over there you see someone jumping the line, you will be so irritated and you will smmfh which means “shaking my motherfucking head” to express your annoyance and dissatisfaction.

SMH-How to use Smh

 When SMH is used to express Disbelief

Hannah: we have our wedding anniversary next Friday. Have you decided what you will give to me?

Tom: Ohh that. I had decided it months ago.

Hannah: I am serious Tom. SMH.

a guy shaking head strongly

When Smh is used to show your disapproval

Daughter: Can I go out for Hanna’s birthday party today, Mom?

Father: yeah Sure, baby! And you should bring a gift for her.

Daughter: Ok mom, and can I stay at her home, tonight?

Father: Absolutely not, baby! SMH.


When smh is used to show your anger after seeing someone’s bad behaviour

Once after finishing my full day’s job, i was feeling very tires but there were no seat available on subway as this was the night rush hour. And a couple sat behind me and started to hug each other and after that touch the face of each other, and at last kissed like they were at their home. This made me speechless and shakes my damn head (smdh) in order to show my anger. So, most of the people make use of smdh for showing the anger.

 the situations of using SMH

 When you see something or someone seems silly, ridiculous, or stupid

Wife: this is very difficult for a pregnant woman to travel for so long. I am really tire to death.

Husband: you should ask the baby if he/she feels tired.

Wife: Are you serious? SMH.

From these given examples, you can simply make a conclusion about the meaning of smh i.e. shaking my head and mostly used in order to show disapproval, or to show disappointment in something or someone, or show that someone is angry or irritated with someone. We can say that SMH is a nice expression to pick when there is need to show your emotions related to some situations that are described above.