Funny SMH – Head Shaking Gif Roundup

As we already know from different sources like Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, facebook or twitter, SMH refers to an acronym for “Shake my head“. It is mainly used when somebody thinks something is so disappointing or stupid.

By those who have less control in acronyms on the internet, it could be changed into ‘smmfh’ or ‘smfh’. It is funny that, Kim Kardashian who is an American social media and television star, model and socialite, also post something about SMH on her twitter, which you can see in the two pictures below:

smh meaning

In addition, a head shake means a gesture to express denial, rejection and disagreement in many cultures. Thus, some guys create a lot of funny gif pictures about head shaking just for fun. Here we got 11 most amazing pictures from the internet:

1. A fair lady shaking her head to deny her awkward past

A fair lady's shaking head gently

2. A girl rejecting her mother when she is asked for a favor in the kitchen

A girl is shaking head

3. A guy shaking his head strongly when provoked by someone

a guy shaking head strongly

4. She saw something disgusting

kids peeing in public

5. This guy is angry

shaking head chickly

6. She just heard some horrible news

shaking head despairingly

7. Somebody is close to piss this man off

shaking head seriously

8. Taylor Swift shaking her headTaylor Swift is shaking head

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