Different meanings of SMH

People really enjoy using SMH while having conversation with each other. They usually don’t know the exact meaning of SMH; people have different views and opinion about it. There are few ways from where you will come to know about what exactly SMH means and where to use it.

Shake My Head gif

Shaking My Head

SMH (shaking my head) is a movement of your head. It is a gesture which is used to show your disagreement. SMH also may happens when you listen to music and automatically shake your head or when you are working you get tired, for relaxing yourself you may also have used SMH. There are various different examples of SMH but the exact meaning of SMH while having conversation is to shay disagreement or when you get irritated and want to say no.

Meaning of SMH in dictionary

According to the urban dictionary smh is an acronym for “Shaking my head” or “Shake my head”. It is generally used when someone fins something which is stupid for him. People who find profanity in their acronyms used on internet has sometime changed it to ‘SMMFH’ or ‘SMFH’. This version of SMH is also become very popular and widely used by people both on the internet and in daily life while having conversation with each other. Smfh urban dictionary meaning is quite different from SMH.

SMH can be used in various different situations such as

Trick1: my head was injured while doing exercise

Trick 2: SMH


Perry: So how was Los Angeles?

Vinci: It was great!

Perry: so you enjoyed and danced with girls there?

Vinci: No. just have done meow meow all the time.

Perry: SMH

SMH stands for Shake my head or so much hate?

When you will search on dictionary you will find that there are so many different meaning of SMH. On different social media such as Facebook and twitter, SMH meaning while having conversation is shake my head but the exact meaning of SMH is so much late. But people think that shake my head is the right meaning.


As SMH have different meanings. For example, shake my head and so much hate. You can also use both of them at same time.

For example:

Sheena: Do you know another case of women harassment happened in our society.

Suzy: SMH (so much hate) and (shaking my head)!!!