SMH stands for “shake my head”. It is a gesture which is generally used to show denial, rejection or disagreement. SMH is widely used in email, chat, texting or in social media such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and many other social networking websites.

SMH Meaning - What does SMH mean

SMH Meaning – Why do we use it?

There are different abbreviations used to express feelings such as lmao, l8r, lol, MYOB etc. Among all these abbreviations, SMH is one of the common abbreviations used for showing disapproval or dissatisfaction. There are different situations in which SMH expression is given. When you are dissatisfied, want to show unhappiness, anger, showing disbelief, disapproval or when you find something which is ridiculous or stupid. In these above mentioned conditions abbreviations are used.

Use of abbreviations in conversations, is the best way to express your feelings easily and quickly. For example instead of writing full sentences, people prefer to write abbreviation write lmao, lol, smh etc. There are few websites like twitter and facebook which permits you to write specific characters for conversation and by making use of abbreviations, you will be able to express more by using fewer characters. You may also note that while texting a simple message on a mobile phone there is also a specific word limit under which you have to text your message. Using abbreviations will really help you in these situations.

Be Careful of using SMH

There are different abbreviations used in different social networking sites for conversations, which is useful in expressing feelings but, you should not use these abbreviations widely. People make a habit while chatting with each other of using abbreviations which are not good at all in professional conversations. As, if you will make a habit to chat with your clients in an unprofessional way using a lot of abbreviations then, it is not good for your business. So, don’t make a habit of using abbreviations. Use it when it is required not all the time.

There are a large number of people who really don’t know the full form and meaning of SMH and have not used abbreviation yet. There was a survey conducted and according to it, there are people who described SMH as “social media hotdog”, few people think that it is linked to “S&M”, there are people who don’t have any clue about SMH.

SMH Could Also Mean Something Else

SMH not only means shake my head but it also means scratch my head and also SHM is short name for different organizations such as Sarasota memorial hospital in  Florida, St Mary’s Hospital in London, St. Michael’s Hospital in Canada, Strong Memorial Hospital in New York, St. Michael’s Hospital in England. Other than these full forms there are other full forms of SMH used such as “so much hate”, “so many haters”.

Today, internet slangs are widely used and remain changing on daily basis, and hard to keeping up with them. From past few years, the smh terms are also started to be used in the business. A comprehensive study on smh terms tells that this is most important to know where to use them. Most of the people use them freely whenever they like to use them but they would have to know that when they should use them. Like this may happen that the person to whom you will be talking have no knowledge about these terms, then you should avoid the use of these terms. Think about the moment how do you feel, whenever someone will be trying to say something and you will not be able to understand the tails and heads of the text messages. Due to this reason you should use them with the person that can understand your terms.

SMH terms are used often in texting, chat, email and social media. You have really seen these terms on twitter, youtube, website comments, facebook, vine instagram and various forum posts. Most of the people use smh terms in providing response to something for which they shake their head at, in their real life. Smh terms are not only used in expressing agreeable thing but also used to express disappointments in someone or something, or in order to present that something seems stupid, silly and ridiculous.

One thing that has noticed form 99 % of text messaging is that these text abbreviations are in the form of English translation. Like these days the term “laugh out loud” used as LOL, is the most popular three letter acronym and used almost in different types of languages. As these terms are come out every day, they could cause confusion till the time they get popular.

The term SMH that means “Shaking my head” has been used by the most of the people but they really do not know meaning of this term. We know that most of the time, the readers are not able to understand the text when a message arrives. Not always but sometimes they need to ask a friend, the meaning of arrived message. The term BFF used for the “Best Friend forever” was very popular in the past, but now believes that this may extinct in the coming time.  There are also some other such as omg for “oh my god”, wtf for “what the fuck” and many more. These are older abbreviations so recognizable by the most of the people. But still, when you will be surfing on the internet, checking social media posts about the daily life of the people, you will really find this hard to understand what the other people are posting.  At the starting, these terms indicate action as compared to the feeling that makes this very essential to discover the reason behind the act; hence you can obtain precisely what other want to communicate. Further, you anyone should not make use of other words while using this, which is to say that smh is theoretical to be used autonomously.

Smh is complex but most of the people, still choose to make use of these terms on social networking websites in order to convey their disappointment in a moderate but more effective way. Therefore we can say that as texting becoming more and more trendy, more and more text languages will get discovered. Those who have no knowledge about these terms will also get known with these in very short in the future. There are probably many other examples like TYYT for “Talk To You Tomorrow”, GOTE “Going Out To Eat”, SSDD “Same Stuff Different Day”, CYT for “See You Tonight” and GF(Gone Fishing). We can say that these all terms will be difficult for everyone in the beginning but with time, you will get familiar with them and also realize that these makes your life more interesting.

A brief history of SMH

We know the meaning of SMH that is an acronym for the abbreviation “Shaking my head” but do you know about its background. Few years back, this term was limited to the written communication, on the telephone text messaging and internet.

People generally write something about which they want to share information and then add “smh” at the ending or beginning of that information. Usually, many people write smh in order to express that they are shaking their heads, in the response to the actions or words of another person. While someone read this written acronym, he come to know about the reaction of another person such as the person is liar, racist, foolish or ignorant.

I additionally trust that the purposes behind composing “smh” are very like the reasons somebody would do a “side eye” or “eye roll”. Moreover, composing “smh” may likewise now and then be roused by the same reasons that individuals gently smack their brow with their hand, despite the fact that I can’t help thinking that a face palm is typically done in the light of the fact that the individual is exasperated with his or her absurd, inept non-serious and non-offensive activities or those sorts of activities or words that another person has done or said. However, as opposed to those different signals, I believe that presumably few individuals who compose “smh” take the time and utilize their energy to really shake their head. Rather, it’s my feeling that written work “smh” is a method for passing on the activity of shaking one’s head.

I recorded above what I accept are principle reasons why individuals write “smh” online or in instant messages. Nonetheless, a man may likewise write “smh” as a type of wry, self deprecating comical inclination to note something that she or he understands about herself or himself or about individuals who or those they take up with.


These days’ people use internet or mobile phones in order to communicate with each other. And text messaging always limits the number of characters like symbols, and letters, so that your words can fit well into the message.  Therefore most of the people use hash tags and other abbreviations to express their feelings.

As you know language is the interesting things that enable everyone to adapt and grow according to the situation as we see suitable. Whilst several analyse the use or overuse of acronym like an expression, some view the utilization – or maybe abuse – of acronyms as an exhibition of “children nowadays” being less smart, despite what might be expected. Because they do it in a somewhat eccentric way shouldn’t imply that they are less smart for doing as such! Whether they’re utilizing it to react to the most recent head-shaking feature or on the off chance that they’re perusing their companions’ tweet or Facebook post, “smh” will be utilized for a long time yet.

Eventually,” shaking my head” is not what it utilized to be; here I’m going to convey the bases of the expression. According to the Dictionary, “SMH” is an acronym for the ‘shaking my head or ’’shake my head’ generally utilized when somebody discovers something so imbecilic. The main thing is that this form of “SMH” is the most prominent and mainly broadly utilized both as a part of the daily life and on the Internet. It can be utilized as a part of such a variety of circumstances. Regardless of what amount of implications SMH has, it is essential for us to be upgraded with the slang used on the Internet which is utilized as a part of talk rooms, web recreations etc.

Today main thing while communicating on the smart phones or internet is briefness. Briefness means exact and concise use of words in speech or writing. Usually, people want to convey or communicate their ideas or points easily and quickly. In order to fulfil this aspiration, people started to abbreviate the words that they used more. Instead of saying word like “nevermind” they say “nm”. These also concern to why text based expressions such as frowns, smiles and many more came into fashionable use for the people on the internet.

At last we can say that there is no matter how many meanings SMH has the most important thing for us to remain aware with the speedily updated internet slangs.  Whilst most of the acronym, you will discover are used usually to express a small message as probable into a conversation, sometimes they may hold negative and hurtful weight. “Smh” is a beautiful acronym that exists in large part to abuse, harass, dismiss or deride, through small in the method to retort these types of comments.

Among all these abbreviations, SMH is one of the common abbreviations used for showing disapproval or dissatisfaction. There are different situations in which SMH expression is given.